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This website will close shortly (by August 2016). It is being reviewed in BLOG: Knowledge and Judgment Scoring Also see detailed discussion in Multiple-Choice Reborn and in Rasch Model Audit


SOFTWARE (Windows with Excel)


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Quick Start

Data Entry

Power Up Plus Spreadsheet Index





RMS  KJS  Answer File Data

RMS  KJS  Enter, Edit, and Save Data


RMS  KJS  Student Scores

RMS  KJS  Question Difficulty and Mark Analysis

   RMS  KJS  Test Performance Profile

   RMS  KJS  Student Counseling Matrix -- Test Maker View

    n.a.   KJS  Student Counseling Matrix -- Test Taker View

   RMS  KJS  Copy Detector -- Critical Pairing Index

   RMS  KJS  Copy Detector -- Individual Pairings

   RMS  KJS  Guttman Mark Matrix with Scores and Item Difficulty

   RMS  KJS  Test Mark Matrix with Student ID and Item Numbers


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