Power Up Plus (PUP) Version 5.20

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Excel (Add-Ins) Control Buttons


Import           Loads answer mark files from scanner, text, and Word .txt files.


Parse             Loads marks into Excel cells. Allows manual input, corrections and file saving.


Score            Creates the following spreadsheet files ready to print.


ADVANCED     Copy Detector and Test Characteristic Curve (TCC).



Excel Spreadsheet Tab Index


IMPORT          Answer File Data


EDIT                Enter, Edit and Save Data


SCORES         Student Scores


ITEMS             Mark Analysis and Question Difficulty


TEST              Test Performance Profile


MUD*              Student Counseling Mark Matrix with Mastery/Easy, Unfinished and Discriminating (MUD) Analysis


EGMD*           Student Counseling Mark Matrix with Expected, Guessing, Misconception and Discriminating (EGMD) Analysis (only with Knowledge and Judgment Scoring)


PAIRING*        Critical Pairing Index (Top Ten) – Copy Detector


TOPFIVE*       Individual Pairings (Top Five) – Copy Detector


Guttman*         Guttman Mark Matrix with Scores and Item Difficulty


IDxItem*          Test Mark Matrix with Student ID and Item Numbers


TCC-1             Student ability and item difficulty location measures


TCC-2             Item response theory (IRT) Test Characteristic Curve


*These sheets can be colored with Rasch Model IRT expectations imported from the free Ministep Table 6. Winsteps is the software commonly used by state departments of education to manage standardized testing (See Rasch Model Audit Blog).


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