Nebraska Student Assessment Four Star Rating

Nebraska is one of four states not participating in the Common Core State Standards movement. It has a good reason to go it alone. Nebraska has the best NCLB standardized state student performance assessments.  

But time is running out to bring the Nebraska test up to a five star rating.

Standardized tests are now falling into two camps: The traditional multiple-choice (TMC), test treats students as inanimate commercial products. This lowest levels of thinking test is proposed for the Common Core State Standards movement.

The other camp treats students as self-evaluating learners who report what they trust they know and can do. This is the basis for further instruction and learning. Students report what they can do and omit what they have yet to learn.

This test uses the very same questions as TMC but scores for student judgment. It produces an accurate, honest, and fair assessment by scoring for both knowledge and judgment (quantity and quality). Call it judgment multiple-choice (JMC).

JMC assesses what students actually know, what they can use, what empowers them, what gives them the feeling of mastery (and is mastery). Develop high quality successful students from passive pupils using JMC tests.

Adding JMC to the Nebraska assessments would make them the only state standardized tests that respect psychometrician, teacher, and student judgment equally. JMC is an alternative test to TMC (no guessing required).

Please join in a petition (, for example) to promote JMC in the classroom and on the Nebraska assessments. The Nebraska Department of Education already uses the needed software (Winsteps).

The national contest between TMC and JMC is nearing a turning point. Free JMC supportive classroom software is now available to Nebraska schools:

Ministep for free download.

PUP520 for free download.

        for download key after 17 Nov 2012

                 or obtain a free unlimited Nebraska copy from another Nebraska school.


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