Nine-Patch Multiple-Choice – Newsletter – 23 Oct 2012


  1. Power Up Plus (PUP) Version 5.20
  2. Multiple-Choice Reborn Blog
  3. Demystifying the Rasch Model IRT
  4. Comments and Student Mark Data


  1. PUP 5.20 retains the three-button (Import, Parse, and Score) simplicity, but now has a section of advanced features:

a.         The classroom Copy Detection can be turned off for large data sets.

b.         A new Test Characteristic Curve button produces a non-iterative PROX algorithm IRT student ability-item difficulty table and tally chart.


  1. My blog, Multlple-Choice Reborn, is carrying a six-week series on the Common Core State Standards movement assessments starting, 24 Oct 2012, with Nebraska (one of the four states not participating in the Common Core State Standards movement). The Nebraska reading assessments compare favorably with a number of nationally administered tests including the ACT. Nebraska is one step away from having a fully balanced accurate, honest, and fair state student performance assessment.


PUP 5.20 is now available free to 100 Nebraska schools to use to promote student development and to prepare for accurate, honest and fair Nebraska State Assessments. Please send requests to


  1. My blog, Rasch Model Audit, is now finished after 47 posts over two years. Rethinking what the Rasch Model is and how it has been used has been a fascinating exercise. The partial credit Rasch model, developed in 1982 by Geoff Masters from Melbourne, and my Knowledge and Judgment Scoring routine, created in 1981 at Northwest Missouri State University, produce the same test scores but express quantity and quality scores differently.


PUP 5.20 can now color the unexpectedness of student marks on five printouts based on Winsteps, Table 6 data, as a byproduct of the audit.


  1. Your comments and student mark data are still needed and appreciated. Please reply if you want a free update of PUP to version 5.20.


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ASCD SmartBrief, 17 Oct 2012: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer, American social writer